CPS Supplier Portal

Welcome to the CPS Supplier Portal! Chicago Public Schools has a district-wide initiative for paperless collaboration with our Suppliers, and this Supplier Portal is designed to enhance communication and collaboration with our Suppliers. Through this portal, Suppliers will have access to the following:

  • Download approved purchase orders and view purchase order history
  • Request email delivery of purchase orders
  • Review invoices and payment status
  • Provide updates to business information

New Features

On March 6, 2020, CPS introduced a new Business Administrator access role for CPS Supplier Portal users so that organizations can designate the users who should have additional access within the Supplier Portal. In addition, CPS also required all CPS Suppliers to select one (1) Primary Contact to be the one point of contact for all CPS business communications.

Beginning July 24, 2020, CPS is expanding the functionality available to Business Administrator users and Primary Contacts through the CPS Supplier Portal. In addition to managing their organization’s contacts, Business Administrator users will now be able to manage addresses directly within the CPS Supplier Portal. Updates to all other business information will require contacting Procurement to initiate an update process.

As part of that process, CPS is introducing a Supplier Attestation to collect and update your organization's business information. When contacted, Procurement will initiate the Supplier Attestation so that you can update business information that cannot be updated directly within the CPS Supplier Portal. Additionally, CPS now mandates that each CPS Supplier attest, on a yearly basis via the Supplier Attestation, that the business information we have in our system about your organization is up to date and accurate. All CPS communication about the Supplier Attestation process will be directed to the Primary Contact, and they will be responsible for completing the Supplier Attestation in order for your organization to remain an active CPS Supplier.

Supplier Login Login Reset Password

Please log in to the CPS Supplier Portal using the above "Login" link. Click on the "Reset Password" link to reset your account password.

Account Registration Register

In order to facilitate electronic communication with Suppliers, CPS requires all Suppliers to register on this portal. If your organization is not yet registered with the CPS Supplier Portal, please do so now.

The registration process is simple. Click on the "Register" button above, complete all the required fields on the form and submit your application. That's it! Your registration will be processed within one business day. As soon as it is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your username (your e-mail address), temporary password and instructions to log in.

If you have already registered your organization and would like to register additional users from your organization, you can do so through the Portal's self-service functionality. Please refer to the Training documents for more information.

Supplier Activation/Reactivation More Information

If your organization would like to begin doing business with CPS, click the button above for more information on how to become a new active CPS Supplier.

If your organization is no longer an active CPS Supplier but would like to resume doing business with CPS, you need to follow the same process above to reactivate your CPS Supplier account.

NOTE: A Supplier becomes inactive when no PO has been generated with the Supplier within a 15 month period. Inactive status is typically communicated via email from CPS, and it can also be verified by contacting the school and/or the Procurement department via Procurement Customer Service Request Form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or trouble accessing the CPS Supplier Portal, please click here for FAQs.

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